The natives of this Nakshatra might be an expert in astrology.
They are an expert in painting.
The native of this Nakshatra are good –natured and likes fair judgement.
They have a interest in religion and loves the religious rituals also.
The native of this Nakshatra speaks softly and due to this they can easily impress others.
They don’t speak bitterly.
Due to the effect of Jupiter they are always ready to learn and they have a nice educational situation due to which they also go for higher studies.
The native are wealthy and powerful.
They are good at giving lectures and always give good advice to others.
The natives of this Nakshatra has an impressive nature and therefore people get easily impressive with them.
They native believes in saving money due to which they never face financial crisis.
They face their enemies with their intelligence.
They Like showing off.
They are a bit arrogant by nature and they are also a little greedy.


Is like a deer head
They are most confused people.
Try to show domination from outside.
Think more than the heart and think less than the mind and stay confused.
Sensual Nature.
Quickly fall in love.
Lack of stamina.
Start fighting Quickly.
Ideas are playful.
Are fond of pets.
Get caught.


Lack of team spirit.
Sensitivity to opposite sex.
They are soft on the inside and hard on the outside.
Head up.
To argue
Loud Voice
Discipline and loyalty are special qualities.
Mantas are skilled in advisors etc.
Character in business prove to be clumsy.
Judge a person by his complete character.


Attainment of self awareness through spiritual means is one of their personality traits.
natives of Punarvasu Nakshatra are motivated by excitement and challenges.
They do well with regard to career opportunities based on architecture, innovations, civil engineering and maintenance of buildings. Career opportunities based on acting, dramatics and writing are also appealing for them.
Get less respect inside the house.
Disorganized home environment.
Possibility to remarriage.
Changes in work relationships and love affairs.
Proficient in business.


Natives born with Ashlesha nakshatra in ascendance, generally display cold ruthlessness, deceit and an aura of suspicion in their personality traits.
They also do well in careers related to entertainment industry and that of occult mysticism and astrology.
They prove their mettle when it comes to overcoming a situation steeped in danger.
Besides the essentially negative traits of deception, dishonesty and falsehood; they also exhibit miserliness, selfishness, ungratefulness and total absence of benevolence.
They also do well in careers related to entertainment industry and that of occult mysticism and astrology.
-Anger kept on the nose.
-Be proud to give something.
-Something else in public life and something else in personal life.
-Quick forget.
-Flat talk.
-Habit of hiding.
-Cruel behavior.


The body of pushya nakshatra native is firm and well built.
They have a round face and it is full of radiance.
They are also affected by obesity.
They might have some kind of mark on their body.
People born under this Nakshatra are always ready to help others.
The natives of this Nakshatra are very popular and gets respect and love from everyone.
They are loyal, patient, and supportive.
They are not afraid of hard work and have the capability to finish every work with efficiency.
They can work as a manufacture of jaggery, and sugar. They can even work in the field of forest works, advisors, politician, political, administrative works, swimmers, traditional works or organizing religious and social functions.


‘Magha’means big or grand and as the name suggests it imparts to its natives, royal and respectable positions in their lives. It is the symbol of authoritative status, domination and high social respect. The individuals belonging to this nakshatra are considered to be leaders in their fields.
The individuals of this nakshatra have prominently good physical characteristics. The outer attractiveness is one of their conspicuous personality traits.
They do not like any hindrance from others in their own work and actions. Due to this behavioral characteristic, they often make enemies in the process.
The Magha nakshatra person respects his elders and is traditional in nature, He deeply follows his forefather’s teachings.
Tries to enjoy the life most at the same time. His empathetic behavior and care towards others feelings is another example of the positive traits he possesses.
The people of this nakshatra are often attracted to material pleasures and enjoy high positions in the society, this sometimes build a sense of pride in them which is one of the negative traits of these people.
Ability to present your speech well.
The natives of this nakshatra are characterized by their tendency to work hard and are very diligent.
Business is never in their career interests, mainly due to their straightforwardness.
Stunning personality.
Habit of wealth collection.
Often the father’s happiness may be less.


This is a powerful nakshatra and is also known as Bhagadavaita.
Both Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni are considered to be the nakshatras that bring good fortune and luck.
Their fondness towards arts and literature is one of their very prominent personality traits.
They develop their keenness towards arts from childhood and pursue the interest to have a respectable and profitable livelihood through their chosen interests. Due to their intellectually inclined nature, loyalty and honesty becomes their important personality traits.
The people who are born in the Purva Phalguni nakshatra are very compassionate and have a empathetic and genial attitude towards mankind.
They are peace loving and keep distance from disputes, they try to bring in an amicable solution to the problems without fighting which is another positive trait in them.
Being confident and bold may turn into over confidence and arrogance sometimes.
The suitable career areas for these people are government services, transport management, automobile industries and hotel industries.


Natives born under the influence of Uttara Phalguni nakshatra; include benevolence, generosity and patronage in their personality traits. Blessed with striking and attractive features, they are respectful, obedient and knowledgeable.
Equally appealing are the traits of honesty and truthfulness.
Apart from peacefulness and geniality, they believe in settlement and reconciliation.
They are extremely judicious as far as spending money is concerned.
Owing to the influence of Venus, they are prone to having extra marital affairs. This happens to be one of the principal negative traits of people born under Uttara Phalguni nakshatra. At times, they can be inconsiderate and disdainful.
People born under the guarding influence of Uttara Phalguni nakshatra can do well in careers related to scientific research, astronomy, media and sales.
They turn out to be exceptionally promising in careers concerned with philanthropy, acting and writing.
They are something fickle about women.
They Talk sweet.
They are lucky from the perspective of worldliness.
They are good administrator.


Spirituality, close bonding and inclination towards music.
Natives born under the influence of Hasta nakshatra are marked by the personality traits of sincerity, loyalty and kindness.
They exhibit independence and firmness in their dealings.
Their behavioral characteristics display the quintessence of firmness and constancy of purpose. On the other hand, they make use of wisdom, action and knowledge.
Exceptional sharpness, self -control, faithfulness and strength of intellect are their other positive qualities.
At times, in order to punish evil doers, they resort to treacherously scheming ways. This also happens to be one of their negative traits.
Careers related to technical lines and art are also suitable for him.


He is very very intelligent and peace loving.
He will not hesitate to go to any extreme for the sake for selfish benefits.
It is also noticed that the native quite often see a lot of dreams which are actually becoming true.
He has soft corner for the down trodden people and he devotes his time and energy for the uplift of the section of the society.
He can overtake all these hurdles with his courage and hard work.
He has to shoulder lot of responsibilities and face lot of criticisms throughout his life.
Fond of wearing flashy clothes.
Their married life can often be fraught with obstacles.
Lazy by nature.
Want to trade.
Knowledge of engineering building map painting etc.
Sometimes atheists sometimes look atheists.


The natives of swati Nakshatra are people of strong resolve and huge self confidence.
They are good learners and have excellent communication skills.
They are quite affable and friendly nature.
They do not like criticism of their work or criticism in general.
they are very knowledgeable and witty.
They are god fearing and religious people and are helpful and truthful in nature.
Sometime they are attracted to Tantra mantra too.
They are more sensitive to their behavior and costumes.


Anuradha Nakshatra exhibits a fusion of sociability, joviality and energy in its general characteristics.
Actors, musicians, business management, travel industry, dentists, criminal lawyers, mining engineers, scientists, statistician, mathematician, psychic mediums, astrologers, spies, photographers, cinema, industrialist, counselors, psychologists, explorers, diplomats, occupations connected to foreign countries, group activities, Science and Engineering are suitable for them.
They are easily able to gauge a situation in its exact reality.
They are spontaneously efficient in bridging differences and animosity.
Cannot withstand hunger.
They live away from their place of birth.
Ability to attract and maintain friendships; cooperate with others; ability to lead and form alliances.
spirited; fun-loving; popular; attractive; vigorous; wise; spiritual seeker; interested in ancient knowledge; hard worker; capable of predicting.


Hot tempered and obstinate to some extent.
Apart from being hard working and result oriented, their major positive traits include generosity, responsibility and self-reliance.
Their outstanding capability of achieving fame and goodwill also counts amongst the important positive traits of natives born under Jyeshta nakshatra.
Vulnerability to temper and egotism counts amongst their leading negative traits.
Hot headedness and instinctive desire to dominate people make them unduly authoritative and dictatorial.
They can be equally efficient in careers related to investigation, protection of law and order. Self -employment based on entrepreneurship is also suitable for them.
Longing to take credit without doing anything.
Lazy nature, Nobility.
To take help someone else’s face in times of difficulties.
Dance Lover.
Are less reliable in money transactions, habit of lying.
Excess of sex.
Natural attraction towards indulgence.


Violent nature.
Show off.
Demonic habits.
Imbalance in normal behavior.
Non adherence to relationship rules.
Attachment to herbs.
To be eccentric.
Dentist; minister; lecturer; astrologer; police officer; spy; judge; soldier; researcher; researcher on bacteria; astronaut; businessman; politician; singer; counsellor; business related to medicines and herbs; bodyguard or security personnel; wrestler; mathematician or computer specialist; psychologist; works related to coal or petroleum; etc. is suitable for you.
You have an attractive personality and ooze charm. You are therefore able to draw people towards you and influence them.
Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like pain in the joints, Rheumatism, hip and backaches etc.


The natives born under this nakshatra have good physical features.
Important behavioral characteristic is that he hates showoff or display.
The native friendly and concerned human being who is very much empathetic about others problems and tries to solve them.
The confidence of these people sometimes take the form of arrogance and they cannot be deterred from doing what they have decided to do once.
They live on their own.
Friends make less.
Skilled at work.
Habit of water or beverages.
Frequent urination habit.
Excessive sweating.
Often prefer to live near water.
Country travel enthusiasts.
Relation with foreign countries.


A charming and gracious personality is one of their major personality traits.
They are sincere and undertake any of the jobs with utmost responsibility and pursue it to completion.
They do not deceive anybody and this inherently honest nature is another personality trait in them.
They are very much humble and he gives utmost respect to women.
They possess a career interest in constructive works like that of architectural work and engineering industries.
Deep sense of responsibility.
Social workers.
Desire to build or live in beautiful places in the mountains.


The natives of this nakshatra are generally experts in various art forms like music, dance and acting and also endowed with immense wealth of knowledge.
They respect their parents a lot and take care of them with the utmost sincerity.
They generally are very sincere to their duties and responsibilities.
They always maintain peace with their surrounding situations and people. They do makes calculations and planning for achieving higher goals of their lives.
The natives of this nakshatra are large hearted and compassionate. Apart from that they possess immense wealth of knowledge
Shraavana nakshatra natives are often found to be shrewd and when this is combined with the wealth of knowledge and abilities they possess, it many a times gives rise to selfishness and adamancy as negative traits.
Art of delivering speech.
They want to be famous.
Acting, writing, teaching, cooperative advocacy are more successful in the field of sports etc.


frankness and easy adaptability characterize the natives born with Dhanishta in ascendance.
Their charmingly sociable mannerisms may prove to be a curse for them on account of their easy susceptibility to the influences of society.
The negative traits include aggression, talkativeness, materialistic ways, covetousness, lust for success and susceptibility to select incompatible life partners.
Besides doing fine in careers related to performing arts, natives of Dhanishta nakshatra can curve exceptional niche in managerial positions and ones catering to group activities. Thus career opportunities based on management and entrepreneurship are also suitable for them.
They are found to be equally prosperous in medical profession; particularly in specialized branch of surgery. Equally successful they may turn out to be in career opportunities revolving around military bands, real estate and scientific research.
They like to serve people and could be seen as being protective towards their loved ones.
They are spiritual beings and deeply believe upon all pious words.
The people of Dhanishta Nakshatra are believed to be generous and kind hearted people who being themselves sensitive inside can’t ever think of hurting anyone around in neither of ways as they are very much concern about the same.
The profession of law and lawyer are perceived as best for Dhanishta people.
The natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra are perceived to work really hard in their professional path besides which they are sincere beings who would give their best at every work and will make it perfect through their intellect.


Independent; original; truthful; sharp mind; perceptive; emotionally controlled; interested in getting to the bottom of things; prosperous; economical; clever; able to defend themselves; enterprising; interested in astrology and other esoteric subjects; likes to solve puzzles; provides good service; finds happiness within themselves; strong principles; strong sense of justice; charitable; skilled in writing; sharp memory; daring; bold; artistic nature; defeats enemies.
• Loneliness; lacks self- confidence; restricted; unrefined manner; con artist; unstable; argumentative; uncommunicative; hides true intentions; miser; dependent on others to meet their needs; feels intensely restrained or mentally anguished; problematic relationships; reserved; secretive; keeps weaknesses to themselves; stubborn.
Physicians, healers, surgeons, X-ray technician, astronomers, astrologers, engineers, aeronautics, space engineer, pilots, nuclear physicists, researchers, electricians, writers, clerical work, secretaries, film and television, drug and pharmaceutical, working with herbs, drug dealers, waste disposal, plastics and petroleum, automobile industry, explorer, Zen practitioners are suitable for them.
Strict adherence to discipline and rigid compliance with norms also characterize their behavioral characteristics.
Laziness, rudeness and absence of social skills also characterize their negative traits.


Purva Bhadrapada includes in itself the general characteristics of optimism, honesty, benevolence and charity.
Personality traits of natives born under the aspect of this nakshatra include the aspects of sincerity, determination, discipline and that of hard work, they prefer idealistic approach and lifestyle.
Ability to confront all kinds of physical and mental hardships also counts amongst their behavioral characteristics.
With their overall intelligence and skill, they prove to be effective in careers related to administrative service, business, governmental responsibilities and teaching profession.
Related to astrology, astronomy and analysis of scriptures are also beneficial for such natives.
Eccentric; scholarly; witty; understands logic; creates prosperity through cleverness; receives money from the government or from wealthy people; economical; has longevity; could marry or be born into a wealthy family; spiritual depth; a warrior; passionate; skilled at earning an income; visionary; idealistic; universal goals; fights injustice; mystical beings; good writer and speaker.
Skeptical; pessimistic; gloomy; nervous; angry; impulsive; stingy; wavering mind.
Business, administration, research, statistician, astrologer, priest, ascetic, morticians, coffin makers, cemetery keepers, surgeons, medical practitioners, psychiatrists, fundamentalists, radicals, author of horror or mystery stories, weapon maker, black magic, leather industry is suitable for them.
They show themselves bigger and smarter, waking up late in the morning.


Natives belonging to this nakshatra are generally known by their personality traits of determination.
Another interesting aspect of their personality is their changeability.
The natives of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra; are prone to seeking recluse within the folds of spirituality.
Inspiring speaker; good problem-solving ability; attractive; disciplined; compassionate; strictly follows principles; generous; financially successful; tends to make money on their own; economical; charitable; humanitarian; merciful; intelligent; benefits from children; drawn to the unknown; virtuous; happy; wise; love for family; self- sacrificing; benefits from gifts or inheritance; defeats enemies; satisfied; service oriented; controls anger; marital happiness; balanced; provides nourishment for others; gives advice.
Self-centered; financially focused; gossip; lazy; addict; irresponsible; highly emotional.
Philosopher, writer, teacher, charity work, import or export work, travel industry, religious work, astrologers, yoga and meditation experts, counselor, therapist, healer, tantric practitioner is career suitable for them.