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When you sign up for a membership with AstroDecoder.com, we provide you with FREE reports that you can run for yourself. These reports will include concise details about your character, daily indicator, lucky gemstone, Birth star report, weekly Horoscope Analysis and many more. For our astrologers to provide you with accurate reports, your birth location and birth time play the key role in the prediction process.

If you were born in a small town that is not listed in our database, then try providing the name of the city within a range of 15 Km from your birth place. This will help us in recognizing your place of birth.

Astrology utilizes map coordinates and time zones to create an accurate chart. Planetary positions would be different if you were born in Greenwich Connecticut, USA. or Greenwich England, because there is a big time difference between the two locations

The “current/intended location” is where you currently live or where you intend to move. This information is initially created when a person becomes a member of AstroDecoder or when new users are added to your account. Some might want to list the address of their business. If you want to know the best time for proceeding with your personal matters, the location of your house address would be the best choice. Here are the steps that you should follow to maintain or edit the information:

 Step 1: Once you sign in to your account on AstroDecoder.com, you will find a button called “My Account”. Upon clicking the button, you will find many user friendly tabs. The second tab “Locations” is what you have to click on.

 Step 2: Upon clicking the Locations tab, it will allow you to either “Edit” the information or “Add a New Location” to the already existing information.

The birth time is entered in the 24 hour time format. For example if you were born in the morning (AM) you would use “0 – 11” for 0 being 12 AM midnight. For mentioning the afternoon and evening times (PM), you would use “12 – 23 hours”; 12 being 12 PM noon. An example of this is; for a person born at 2:33 PM, the 24 hour time format would be: 14 Hour, and 33 Minutes or 14:23. For a person born at 2:33 AM, the 24 hour time format would be 2 Hours and 33 Minutes or 2:33.

  • Step 1: SBI Bank (DLF IND Area ,kirti Nagar, New Delhi) Current Account No. : 38354657621
  • IFSC CODE- SBIN0031568

Indian Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac and traditional Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac. The difference between these two zodiacs (known as the Ayanamsa value) is presently about 24 degrees growing to 30 degrees. Both systems are correct. However, between the two systems, depending on which astrological calculations are used, planetary positions may differ in terms of which houses and signs they are in. For most people living today, when considering their Vedic charts, all the planets and the rising sign would be found to be about 23 or 24 degrees earlier than in their Western charts, or basically nearly one full sign back. Western Astrology is based on the orientation of the Earth to the Sun, and applies the “Tropical Zodiac”. Western Astrology assumes that every year the Sun at the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes is at the first degree of Aries and Libra respectively, and at the first degree of Cancer and Capricorn at the Summer and Winter Solstices. Vedic calculations are described as being highly accurate as they are true astronomical calculations. “Sidereal Zodiac” much more closely matches the actual position and apparent movements of these constellations.

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